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What If? for kids


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WHAT IF? For Kids

WHAT IF a hurricane hit your city?

          Does your family have 72-hour emergency kits?
          Do you now what to do to protect your house?
          Do you know where to stay in your house?

WHAT IF you had a house fire?

          Do you know how to get out of your house safely?
          Do you know where to meet your family after you are out?

WHAT IF your house flooded?

          Do you know what to save first?
          Do you know what to put upstairs or on a high shelf?
          Do you know what to take with you?

WHAT IF you were without water?

          Does your family have water stored?
          Does someone know how to purify water?
          What would you do without a bathroom to use?

WHAT IF you had no power?

          Do you know where flashlights and/or lanterns are?
          Do you know what you could eat?
          Could you cook?
          Could you stay warm in the winter?

WHAT IF a tornado were coming?

          Do you know where to go for protection if you are inside?
          Do you know where to go for protection if you are outside?
          Do you know the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning?

WHAT IF your mom had to be gone for a long time?

          Do you know how to help cook?
          Can you help clean house?
          Can you help do laundry and ironing?
          Can you sew on a button or fix a torn seam?

WHAT IF there were an emergency in your home?

          Do you know who to call?
          Are their telephone numbers easy to find?
          Can you give your complete address over the phone?
          Do you know where the first aid kit is?



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