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SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH - Thunderstorms are expected in the area
SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING - A thunderstorm is in the area which may produce high winds, hail, dangerous lightning, and/or tornadoes. Take cover immediately.

TORNADO WATCH - Weather conditions exist in which tornadoes may develop.
TORNADO WARNING - A tornado has been detected; take shelter immediately.

     F0 Gale 40-72 mph winds
     F1 Moderate 73-112 mph winds
     F2 Significant 113-157 mph winds
     F3 Severe 158-206 mph winds
     F4 Devastating 207-260 mph winds
     F5 Incredible 261-318 mph winds
     F6 Inconceivable 319-379 mph winds

FLASH FLOOD WATCH - Flash floods are possible due to high rainfall amounts.
FLASH FLOOD WARNING - Flash flooding is occurring. Do not cross flooded areas.

TROPICAL DEPRESSION - Conditions similar to tropical storms but with winds less than 39 mph.
TROPICAL STORM - Similar to a hurricane but with winds ranging from 39 to 73 mph.

HURRICANE - A severe cyclonic storm, sometimes 500 miles across, with winds exceeding 73 mph.
     CATEGORY 1 - 74-95 mph winds.
     CATEGORY 2 - 96-110 mph winds.
     CATEGORY 3 - 111-130 mph winds.
     CATEGORY 4 - 131-155 mph winds.
     CATEGORY 5 - 156 mph winds.
STORM SURGE - An abnormally high tide caused by a hurricane. The cause of most deaths during a hurricane.
HURRICANE SEASON - The period of June 1 through November 30, during which hurricanes are most likely to develop.
HURRICANE WATCH - A hurricane is advancing and conditions are favorable for a hurricane to strike.
HURRICANE WARNING - A hurricane is expected to reach a coastal area within the next 24 hours.

HIGH WIND WARNING - Sustained winds of at least 40 mph lasting at least one hour are imminent.
GALE WARNING - Wind speed of 39-54 mph expected.

FREEZING RAIN OR DRIZZLE - Expected rain is likely to freeze as soon as it strikes the ground, putting a coating of ice or glaze on roads and all exposed surfaces.
ICE STORM - A substantial layer of ice is expected to accumulate from freezing rain.

HEAVY SNOW WARNING - A snowfall of four inches or more is expected in a 12-hour period, or a fall of six inches or more is expected in a 24-hour period. Variations of these rules may be used in different parts of the country depending on what the normal snowfall is.
BLIZZARD WARNING - Winds with speeds of at least 35 mph are accompanied by considerable falling or blowing snow. Temperatures of 20o F or lower are expected for an extended period of time.




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