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Brigham Young declared, "If we are to be saved in an ark, as Noah and his family were, it will be because we build it."


Simply Prepared:

A Guide to Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage

The material in Simply Prepared comes from years of teaching, study, and practical experience in home storage and preparedness.  Most of it was compiled for a series of classes given to help others be preparedness teachers.  The information is simple and straight forward because when preparedness is simplified, it becomes less overwhelming.

Simply Prepared contains seven sections:

bulletWhat If? - some questions to ask yourself.
bulletThe Basics - why, what, how, and where to store.
bulletFood Basics - grains, beans, honey and sugar, powdered milk, dried foods, and home canning.
bulletNon-food Basics - water, fuels, sewing supplies, and equipment.
bulletEmergency Preparedness - disasters, recovery, and 72-hour kits.
bulletRecord Basics - finances and when Mom's gone.
bulletBasically Fun - games.


"Simply Prepared is a book that is looked at all the time at our house."  --Gretchen Juergens, Katy, Texas

Price:  $12.95 US

The Newly Revised and Updated Simply Prepared will be available in the near future.  If you would like to be notified when this new edition of Simply Prepared is available, please email us and put "notify" in the subject line.




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