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Simplified 72-hour Kit


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Simplified 72-Hour Kit
(Two Phase Method)

A 72-hour kit can be a personal kit or a family kit depending on your family situation. The following are suggested basic items to be included in a portable container such as a backpack, suitcase, duffle bag or tote:

FOOD: at least 3 days worth of NONPERISHABLE food that needs no cooking or hot water before it can be eaten. This can include:

canned tuna dried fruit MRE's Meal Ready to Eat
jerky fruit leather high calorie food bars
pork and beans crackers powdered or boxed milk
peanut butter granola bars canned or boxed juices
canned fruit trail mix  

If cans do not have a flip top lid remember to include a can opener. Also include appropriate eating utensils.

WATER: at least 1 gallon of water per person per day in PORTABLE containers.


Phase 1 options:
• Light – flashlights and batteries, light sticks
• Warmth – blankets, emergency blankets, sleeping bags, hand warmers
• Rain protection – ponchos or garbage bags cut to fit
• First Aid – at least a pocket kit
• Identification – business card, copy of driver’s license, copy of passport, etc.
• Important papers – copies of insurance, will, birth certificates, medical history, utility and financial records, computer backup CD, etc. (See "Important Household Information")
• Means to communicate – out-of-state contact phone number, pay phone coins, phone card, walkie talkies
• Special medications and infant needs
• Cash in small denominations and ATM or credit cards

Phase 2 To be added when time, space and finances permit:

Pocket knife Plastic sheeting Insect repellant
Whistle Duct tape Personal hygiene items
Dust masks Wet wipes Pocket sewing kit
Heavy gloves Towel Paper and pencil
Rope Clothes Stress relievers (games, books, etc.)
Radio and batteries Sunscreen Trowel and bath tissue

Additional lists can be found in "Essentials of Home Production and Storage", at, and in other printed and online sources.



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