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             Pet owners need to prepare for their pet’s protection during a disaster.  Red Cross disaster shelters cannot accept pets because of health and safety regulations.  Know ahead of time where you are going to take your pet if, and when, you evacuate your home.  Possible locations are:  “pet friendly” hotels and motels, friends and relatives outside the area, boarding facilities, veterinarians, and animal shelters.

            Assemble a portable pet disaster supplies kit.  Consider including a one month supply of regular medications, vaccination records sealed in a plastic bag, a molded plastic pet carrier, a leash, a one week supply of food, can opener, bottled water, bowls, cat litter, litter pan, plastic bags for waste disposal, and supplies to keep your pet clean, dry, and warm.

            Make sure your pet wears a collar and ID tag with up-to-date information.

            Photograph your pet and keep the photograph with other important documents.

            If advance disaster warnings are issued, leave early and find shelter for your pet.  If conditions will be unsafe for you, they will also be unsafe for your pet.

            For further information refer to the American Red Cross or the Humane Society.




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