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A Way of Life

When we speak of personal and family preparedness, we should speak of foreseen, anticipated, almost expected needs which can be met through wise preparation. Even true emergencies can be modified by good planning.
--H. Burke Peterson

Personal and family preparedness is provident living. Being provident involves being “wise, frugal, prudent, making provision for the future while attending to immediate needs.” (Barbara B. Smith)

• Improve our ability to read, write, and do basic mathematics.
• Study the scriptures and other good books.
• Learn to communicate effectively with others.
• Take advantage of opportunities to gain more knowledge.

• Obey the Word of Wisdom.
• Exercise regularly.
• Provide for adequate medical and dental care, including appropriate insurance where possible.
• Keep homes and surroundings clean and sanitary.
• Shun substances or practices that abuse our bodies or minds.

• Prepare for and carefully select a suitable occupation.
• Become skilled at work through training and experience.
• Be diligent, hard working, and trustworthy.
• Give honest work for the pay and benefits received.

Home Storage
• Have sufficient food, clothing and shelter for self and family.
• Where possible, store a year’s supply of basic items needed to sustain life.
• Regularly use and replace all stored items in order to keep them from spoiling.
• Learn to produce and prepare basic food items.

Resource Management
• Pay tithes and offerings.
• Avoid unnecessary debt and save for the future.
• Satisfy all of our promised obligations.
• Use our resources frugally and avoid wasting them.
• Use our time wisely.
• Be willing to serve those in need by sharing our time, talents, and resources with them.

Social, Emotional, and Spiritual Strength
• Study the scriptures and the teachings of the living prophets.
• Obey God’s commandments and heed the counsel of Church leaders.
• Exercise faith in Christ and cultivate humility.
• Pray frequently and fervently.
• Strengthen our relationships with family members, neighbors, and friends.
• Shun things that are morally and spiritually degrading
• Work toward worthy goals.
• Do the best we can to adjust to change and recover from misfortune.

Reference: Providing in the Lord’s Way: A Leader’s Guide to Welfare, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints October 1990



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