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"Almost any woman can cook well, if she has PLENTY with which to do it; but the real science of cooking is to be able to cook a good meal, or dish, with LITTLE out of which to make it."  - Author unknown (1900) from A Pinch of This and a Handful of That



Pantry Cooking:

Unlocking Your Pantry's Potential

Pantry Cooking contains more than 350 recipes using only pantry storable foods.  No fresh or frozen ingredients are required so that no matter what your circumstances are you can pull together a delicious meal from what is on hand.  Recipes have been developed and tested over a 17-year period on groups large and small with great success.

Pantry Cooking also offers an extensive chart of substitutions for the times you run short.

For those interested in long term storage, there are shelf life charts and a plan for determining needs based on a rotating menu plan.


bulletKnow Your Substitutions
bulletPantry Basics
bulletUsing a Rotating Menu Plan to Determine a Nutritionally Balanced Supply of Food
bulletShelf Life
bulletMeasuring Equivalents
bulletSnacks, Appetizers, and Beverages
bulletMeats and Burgers
bulletCasseroles, Skillet Dishes, and Saucepan Meals
bulletSoups, Chowders, and Stews
bulletSalads and Salad Dressings
bulletSide Dishes
bulletBreads and Sandwiches
bulletCookies and Candy
bulletThe Extras
bulletIndex (by ingredient and category)


"We are both so busy that we really needed something like Pantry Cooking.  It has made preparing meals so simple and quick.  We love it!!" - Theresa and Scott


Price:  $14.95

Learn to convert your favorite recipes to pantry recipes.
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