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Pantry Cooking: Quick and Easy Food Storage Recipes by Laura Robins is based on a 5-week menu of 3 meals a day. None of the recipes require fresh, frozen or refrigerated food except for sprouts, which you grow yourself. Recipes use a number of basic foods as well as cans or jars from the store. She does use a lot of dried/dehydrated/freeze dried foods such as egg mix, cheese sauce mix, sour cream mix and a whole list of vegetables and fruits. She also uses some items available primarily from the LDS Church home storage centers such as pudding mix (which is no longer available from Church home storage centers) and instant refried beans. I'm also assuming that the canned meats she uses are from the LDS wet pack cannery because they are 15-ounce cans of beef, chicken, turkey, pork, ground beef and sausage which I have not seen at grocery stores, at least not where I live. Recipes for all of the menu items are in the book.

She also briefly touches on why to store food, storing water, sprouting, non-food items and 72-hour kits. She does offer a creative idea I haven't seen before. She describes a "Snack Pack" which supplements 72-hour kits for families with children. It's a small to medium-size backpack filled with ready-to-eat snacks and drinks. If you throw it in the car whenever you go out for awhile you can have snacks on hand to feed hungry kids instead of stopping for fast food before you get home. Using it and replenishing it immediately keeps the food fresh. Something to consider for all day outings.

Laura Robins website is


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