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Inspirations to a Woman in Need


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Inspirations to a Woman in Need

We all have need for divine help.  Much of the help comes as inspired thought, clear, but quiet.  When we recognize that help is being offered and stop to listen, many truths are revealed that help guide our lives.  Because they are truths, many of these inspirations can help others.  I offer my thoughts in the hope of helping others' lives and to help common, ordinary people, like me, realize that they, too, can receive inspiration.

"...full of excellent thoughts and inspirations." - Gwen Goaslind

"You have inspired me to be more faithful..." - Janet Gough (former Young Women General Board member)

" have some wise gems..." - Brookie Peterson (author of A Woman's Hope and Women: Distinct and Different)

"We shall enjoy your book over and over." - Helen and Francis Burton (former Regional Representative)

"...thoughts...that enrich lives." - Ginny Scarbrough (former Relief Society President)

"...profound yet simple verities..." - Faith Watabe (former Stake Relief Society president)

Price:  $5.95


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