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Towards the end of 2008, a new food storage “how to” book came on the market. I was curious when I visited the related web site ( ) and saw some similarities to my way of viewing and implementing food storage. I took a chance and emailed the author to ask if she would be interested in a book swap. She readily accepted and in about a week I had a copy of I Dare You To Eat It: Designing Food Storage You Would Actually Want to Eat by Liesa Card.

Liesa teaches her practical approach to food storage using humor along the way. I enjoyed reading her book and learning of her commitment to and maturing in food storage. She introduces us to her food storage design – building a years’ supply of simple basics, designing 30 meals using those basics and adding a 3-month supply of foods that go with those basics – and takes us through it step by step so we can do the same thing. It is not too specific, though. It is a guide that you can use to design a plan for your family and have a lot of room for personal adaptations. Her plan will help you rotate BOTH your long-term supplies in storage and your 3-month supply in your pantry.

A purposely limited number of recipes are included to show you what kind to look for to use in your plan and give you a place to start, if you desire to use them. (Pantry Cooking can help you with the rest!)

Most importantly, Liesa puts food storage in a gospel perspective. She reminds us of the real reasons we should have it, why it’s a privilege to share it and how it can bless our lives.

If you’re having trouble getting started in food storage or making food storage work for you, try this. It may be just the book you need.


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