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•Make a home inventory list for insurance purposes.

•Learn the safest route from your home.

•Keep your car's gas tank one quarter to one half full.

•Have an emergency survival kit that includes copies of important documents.

•Be prepared to evacuate before water levels reach your property.

•If time permits and it is safe, turn off all utilities (in order: electricity, gas, water).

•If you get caught in your house, move to the second floor, or, if necessary, to the roof. Don't try to swim to safety.

•If outside, remember FLOODS ARE DECEPTIVE. Do not attempt to walk through water that is more than knee deep.

•Do not drive where water is over the roads.

•If your car stalls in flood waters, get out as soon as possible. One cubic yard of water weighs 1 metric ton.

How to Escape from a Sinking Car



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