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Emergency Water Conservation


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During emergency water shortages and sporadic service due to natural disasters, pipeline breaks or extended power loss to water purification plants.

When you may not have water or don’t know how much you will have,
use as little as possible, safe and healthy when it is available.

• Use disposable paper goods – plates, bowls, cups, flatware.
• Don’t leave water running while cleaning the sink.
• Scrape instead of rinsing dishes before washing.
• Compost instead of running the garbage disposal.
• When washing dishes by hand, fill one sink with wash water. Plug the other sink to catch rinse water. You will accumulate enough water rinsing large items under running water to rinse small items by immersing them and almost always use less water than you would by filling the second sink with rinse water.
• Use a minimum of soap to wash dishes so less rinse water is needed.
• Microwave, steam or pressure cook food instead of boiling it.
• Wash fruits and vegetables in a basin of water and use the water to water plants or flush toilets.
• Use pasta water to rinse cooked dry beans or other foods.
• Use canned fruit syrup in pancake batter or to cook oatmeal.
• Drink fruit juice from canned fruit or use it to make gelatin salads and desserts.
• Use liquid from canned vegetables to cook pasta or to prepare condensed soups.

• Use hand wipes or hand sanitizers, when possible.
• Don’t flush toilets after every use.
• Don’t leave water running while brushing teeth, shaving, or cleaning sinks and bathtubs.
• Take short showers instead of bathing and use a minimum amount of soap.
• Use dry shampoo every other shampooing (available in drugstores).

• Use rain barrels and catch basins to accumulate and store water to water plants, flush toilets and use for cleaning.

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