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Earthquake Safety Tips


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IN HOMES--Stay away from windows, hanging objects, fireplaces, and tall unsecured furniture. Drop to the floor. Get under or next to a heavy piece of furniture, against an inside wall, or under a supported archway and hold on.

IN A HIGH-RISE BUILDING--Stay away from windows and glass partitions. Drop to the floor. Get under a heavy piece of furniture, against an inside corridor or hall, or near a pillar or support column and hold on.

IN A SHOPPING MALL--Move away from windows and display shelves. Drop to the floor. Move against an inside wall or corner, or get under a table, counter, or bench and hold on.

IN THE OPEN--Move away from buildings, if possible. To avoid flying glass, run to an open area or duck into a safe doorway. Stay away from waterways or swimming pools.

IN A CAR--Pull over and stop away from buildings, bridges, overpasses, underpasses, or overhead electrical wires. Keep your safety belt on.


See The Great California Shake Out for more information.


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