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    An emergency kit for a cyclist needs to be as compact as possible. Look for small, compact, flat items to put into this kit. It is important that the soap dish be two pieces so that all the contents can be fit in. The bungee cords will keep it from coming open. Many of the suggested items can be found in the travel-size section or checkout lanes of discount stores and drug stores.

    To assemble: Carefully fit items into the bottom of the soap dish. Some may be laid above the top edge of the dish. Tape or glue a list of the contents inside the lid. Lay the lid on top and secure the soap dish closed with the two bungee cords perpendicular to each other and around the dish.

Two piece travel soap dish (about 4-1/2”l x 3-1/4”w x 2” d)
2 mini bungee cords about 9” long
Mylar emergency blanket
Mini flashlight
Packet of 2 acetaminophen
Packet of 2 ibuprofen
Packet of 2 pepto bismol tablets
Flat paper drinking cup (often included with travel packs of medication)
Small disk container of dental floss
Small package of gum
Small (about 2-1/4” long) pocket knife w/scissors
Book of matches
Flat directional compass
Credit card tool with tools such as bottle opener, flat screwdriver, awl, lens,
    tweezers, toothpick, ruler
Sewing kit w/thread, needle, buttons, safety pins (in a small plastic bag or envelope)
First aid tape (a length wrapped around a long bead, peg or short length of dowel)
4 antibiotic adhesive bandages
2 gauze pads
2 wound wipes
mini ziploc bag (2X3)



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