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COOL - Store food inside.  Temperature affects shelf life the most.  Canned goods store 2 to 3 times longer at 70oF than they do at 90oF.  Most dry goods store indefinitely below 70oF but for less time at higher temperatures.  Temperature affects nutrition, texture, appearance and taste.

DRY  - Dry goods should be below 10% moisture and kept dry.  The more a container is opened, the more moisture is introduced.  The humidity in the air the day food is dry packed or "home canned" can also affect the storage life.  Weevil cannot grow in grain with less than 10% moisture. Beans with less than 10% moisture won't go hard as quickly.  Non-fat dry milk should have no more than 2.8% moisture for the longest life.

DARK - Store in opaque containers or in dark cupboards.  Light fades colors, destroys vitamins, and speeds the rancidity of fats.

AIRTIGHT - Containers should have airtight seams and lids.  If in doubt, seal with duct tape.  Plastic buckets with rubber gaskets are airtight if the gasket has not been damaged.  Insects cannot grow and multiply without air.




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