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            A good first aid kit should be serviceable every day as well as in disaster situations.  A family first aid kit will be more practical if it is also a medicine chest.  Storing all medicines and first aid supplies in one container allows them to be easily included on family trips and outings to provide for most medical and health needs.  Store supplies in a closed container, preferably water resistant.  Containers that work well are tool boxes, tackle boxes, and plastic storage containers.  Keep the kit in a place where it can be used but not easily reached by young children.

            Stock your first aid kit with items your family uses on a regular basis and those you may use in an emergency.  Keep sufficient quantities for the size of your family but remember to rotate medications.

            The following list is a guide only:

antibiotic ointment

sterile burn dressings
burn ointment

bandages, plastic strips

anti-fungal cream

ace bandages

anti-itch lotion

gauze pads (4 x 4)

regular prescription medications

adhesive tape

pain relief tablets

bandages, sterile roll 2 & 4 wide

diarrhea medication

triangular bandage


sterile eye pads

eye drops

moist towelettes

ear drops

cotton balls

soap or antiseptic wash

cotton tipped swabs

eye wash solution

first aid manual

nose drops


cough medicine


allergy medicine

single edge razor blade


needles and thread

motion sickness capsules or patches

safety pins

throat lozenges

water purification tablets


plastic spoons


pocket knife

hydrogen peroxide

eye dropper

petroleum jelly


sunscreen lotion

dental floss

insect repellent

two pair sterile gloves

syrup of Ipecac

paper cups or collapsible plastic cup

baking soda

space blanket


safety matches

chemical cold pack

emergency phone numbers

chemical hot pack

phone money




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